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Model: FX-102FTM
Fox Labs Mark 3 Flip Top 2oz Inert CONE

Fox Labs Mark 3 Flip Top 2oz Inert

$ 17.95

Fox Labs FX-102-FTS Inert Spray - 2 ounce unit

The contents in our inert sprays are exactly the same as in our live units, except there is no "OC" in them. These are not water units. This is because our formulas are heavier than water, and if we substituted water it would not replicate the spray patterns faithfully. Additionally, don't be surprised if you get a "red" face when exposed to them...this is because the inert formula is not water. But if the formula has a "kick" without "OC" just imagine how it is when we add the fire!

How to practice with outdoor targets

  1. Print out a few copies of a person's face with your computer printer
  2. Tack the printed copy on a tree or fence, equivalent to a person about 6 feet tall
  3. Stand upwind, several feet away and practice firing at the target in one second bursts.
  4. Make sure to try and aim directly between the eyes. The pepper spray will affect all the mucous membranes
    and even the exposed skin, but you want your attacker's eyes to immediately close.

How to train with a human target

  1. This is easy enough. Find a willing victim
  2. Have him or her come toward you as if they were going to grab you.
  3. Fire away directly into their eyes as you are moving backward away from them.
  4. Practice yelling 'HELP' loudly as you are spraying.
  5. Once they are hit and their eyes close, run away and continue yelling for help.


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