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Effects Of Pepper Spray

Effects Of Pepper Spray While in theory, there are no long-lasting effects to pepper spray, those who've experienced the extreme inflammatory effects and burning sensation, would beg to differ.  MY EXPERIENCE: I personally have been sprayed with pepper spray in a training exercise, so I know exactly how it feels. This was not a tiny stream of spray that grazed my eye. It was a full blast pepper fogger spray that hit me square in the face from only a couple feet away. Having been in 1994, when pepper spray was relatively new to the market, you would think that...

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Best Pepper Spray

The Best Pepper Spray To Use Is Based On Your Experience and Situation. Since pepper spray is widely used by men and women of all ages, law enforcement, as well as United States postal workers, there are a variety of sizes, intensities and types available. WHAT IS PEPPER SPRAY? Pepper spray is a derivative of the peppers such as cayenne and other hot peppers.  Once extracted and made into a spray, it can be used as an effective deterrent in potentially dangerous situations.  Pepper spray causes an immediate burning sensation in the skin, eyes and mucous membranes While there will always...

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Buy Pepper Spray

Where Can You Buy Pepper Spray?Since pepper spray is not a controlled substance it's pretty easy to find locally at most hardware stores, or large department stores, as well as online retailers.  If you live outside the city limits, pepper spray will most likely be available at your local farmer's co-op.IMPORTANT PEPPER SPRAY FACT: Some people do not realize that pepper spray has a shelf life of 2-4 years, depending on the manufacturer. Often, there is an expiration date printed on the can itself. As a conservative measure it is smart to replace your can of spray about once per...

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Pepper Spray Decontamination

Pepper Spray Decontamination We live in a dangerous world and sometimes it's necessary to protect ourselves in an adversarial situation, pepper spray could prove the very assistance needed, helping avoid a dangerous situation.  However, the reverse is also true if we become the recipient of pepper spray, either accidentally or on purpose.  If this should happen, you'll want to take immediate action to remedy an uncomfortable situation. WHY WOULD YOU WANT A DECONTAMINANT?  Pepper spray (also known as OC spray-Oleoresin Capsicum), is designed to be inflammatory, causing irritation to the skin, eyes, and in some cases can induce temporary blindness.  Unlike...

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Pepper Spray Training

Pepper Spray Training  Pepper spray can be very effective in helping someone out of a potentially dangerous situation, however possessing a canister of pepper spray and using it improperly could cause more problems than solutions. MOST IMPORTANT: No matter what type of pepper spray you own, you must always first be aware of your surroundings. Always have your pepper spray accessible to you in case you need it in an instant. Pepper spray is useless if it is in the bottom of a purse, or left in your vehicle. There are many useful tips you can find online about the use...

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