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Model: FX-PG12FDB
Fox Labs - Five Point Three, 12oz Crowd Control OC Spray

Fox Labs - Five Point Three, 12oz Crowd Control OC Spray

$ 53.95

 Stream or (FX-PG12FDB) Fog  

This Fox Labs Crowd Control spray features pistol grip delivery trigger combined with a strong visual deterrent.  Its  high-powered Five Point Three formula bursts 20 feet or more. Take quick control of an individual or a crowd. Ideal for terminating most any situation!  Keep one in your home, business, camper, motorhome etc. This formula and its +20 foot discharge can drive away grizzly bears, gangs or any crowd. 
  • 12-oz., 9”H x 2 1/2” Dia.
  • Discharges approximately 50+ ½ sec. bursts
  • Pistol grip action for quick control of a crowd
  • Available in Stream and Cone/Fog spray patterns
  • Stream Pattern goes 20+ feet.
  • Cone/Fog Pattern goes 20+ feet
  • Invisible UV die for assailant identification (under black light)
  • All Five Point Three formulas are oil based, non-flammable and Taser safe
  • Up to 3 Year Warranty (Shelf Life)
  • Birth date listed on each canister
  • Replaces FX-1LB-S and FX-1LB2


The sight of this unit in your hand can really intimidate an assailant.  You can use the Fox Labs Pounder with confidence to achieve the most effective results in a variety of self defense situations.The fog gushes like a fire extinguisher - Use caution. Pistol Grip handle has safety pin to avoid accidental discharge.

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