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How to add your website to our Friends directory gladly accepts reciprocal link request from websites within related categories.  If you are a webmaster and wish to have your website listed within our Friends pages, you may contact us and include the following information:

  1. The url where our reciprocal link resides on your server (link must reside on domain name in which reciprocal link request has been made. Also, link must be active prior to contacting
  2. Your contact e-mail address
  3. Your full name
  4. Your website url
  5. Your link title
  6. Your link description

Please use the following information for when placing our reciprocal link information on your website:

  • URL:
  • Link Title:  Pepper Spray
  • Link Description:  Online distributor of Fox Labs Pepper Spray, Mace, Sabre Red, Def-Tec, Wildfire & more.


Note:  We will accept a limited number of site links. This limit on reciprocal links benefits not only Red Hot Pepper Spray, but also our link partners within search engines.

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