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About The Founder

I first trained with CS gas while in the United States Army. Also known as Tear Gas, CS Gas is typically used as a riot control agent and causes severe difficulty breathing as well as burning of the eyes and other effects. But having trained with this agent numerous times, I am well aware of what it feels like and why it is so effective for Law Enforcement and Military.

Once I re-entered the civilian ranks in 1993, I found myself in the Security industry. It was there that I was first subjected to OC (oleoresin capsicum) Pepper Spray. I had no idea that I would be sprayed in the face from 2 feet away as a part of my security training. But that is exactly what happened. And, I can tell you that there is no comparison between OC and CS. Pepper spray causes unbelievable burning pain to every mucous membrane and exposed skin that it touches. The fogger model that I was sprayed with (like other models) has an oil base so that the agent 'sticks' to your face and exposed skin. I can only compare it with what it might feel like if your face was actually on fire.

I have converted a copy of our Security training from 1994 to online video, so you can get an idea what this stuff feels like. You'll see me in the background a few times in a gray Army t-shirt.

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