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Buy Pepper Spray From A Company Whose Founder Has Trained With Pepper Spray Since 1994

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Which Pepper Spray Is Right For You?

There are so many pepper sprays on the market that it may seem difficult to figure out which one is the hottest, where to buy pepper spray or the best pepper spray for your situation.

The where to is easy enough. At, you can buy from the most experienced store with the largest selection of defense sprays. We carry Fox Labs, Sabre Red, Defense Technology, Mace, Streetwise, ASP, Wildfire and more. 


Why Would You Select One Brand Over The Other?

There are many great brands on the market. But with each brand, there are different features for different situations that set them apart from the others. When selecting the perfect pepper spray for you, consider what situation you will be needing the spray. Here is a partial list of some of those differences:

  • Fox Labs dedication to improvement and involvement with Law Enforcement makes them a strong selection. They are the pepper spray of choice for police departments, security agencies as well as civilians who require maximum performance.
  • Sabre Red features a keychain pepper spray line that are perfect for jogging and exercising. They also donate a portion of the proceeds of their pink keychain pepper spray to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.
  • Defense Technology, makers of First Defense, Peppermace and X2 lines of duty spray, is used extensively in the Law Enforcement as well as civilian community and is well-known for its proven levels of reliability and safety.
  • Mace brand offers the brand new Pepper Gun, the patented Canine Repellent, Michigan Approved Sprays as well as Lipstick Pepper Spray.
  • Streetwise offers the largest variety of defense sprays, large and small, including the pink camouflage model, at the lowest price. 

Who Are Our Customers? 

We proudly serve the self defense needs of Police officers, College Students, Stay at home Moms, Military soldiers, Security agencies, Business owners and so many more! And we appreciate our repeat customers for making us your long term source for quality pepper sprays.


Why Buy Pepper Spray From Us?

I have trained with and used pepper spray since 1994, being personally sprayed as part of the certification to carry defense spray. Our prices are very competitive and I will give you my personal 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. We are dedicated to customer satisfaction and customer service. If you have any questions on which pepper spray to buy, or the status of your order then call us! Or you can e-mail  us.



Bryan Robinson, Founder