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Model: DT-5449
Def-Tec MK-4 First Defense 0.2% 3.0 oz 360 STREAM

Def-Tec MK-4 First Defense 0.2% 3.0 oz 360 STREAM

$ 22.95

The MK-4 is a 3.0 ounce home model of FIRST DEFENSE Red Pepper Spray. This First Defense Pepper Spray unit stands 6.25" in height and delivers forty 1/2 second bursts. This First Defense unit has a flip top safety and also includes a VELCRO strip for easy placement.  The MK-4 canister will deliver 11-12 short bursts of OC at an effective range of 10-12 ft.

A true breakthrough in aerosol performance, First Defense 360 delivers a consistent stream pattern at any angle and any orientation. Using our trusted OC formula, it is propelled by compressed air with barrier separation from the liquid formulation. No additional training or education is required for use. Available in MK-3 and MK-4 sizes.

The 360 stream delivery method allows the aerosol projector to disperse OC from any angle while providing a target-specific, strong concentrated stream for greater standoff.

  • The .2% MC white banded canister indicates the major capsaicinoid level which is discharged at the nozzle at time of use.
  • The MK-4 is an ideal size for patrol officers to wear on a duty belt.
  • This formulation has been tested and is non-flammable and Electronic Discharge Weapon (EDW) safe.
  • Defense Technology First Defense OC Aerosols are produced in an ISO rated manufacturing facility.
  • All Major Capsaicinoid percentages (MC%) are verified by an Independent Laboratory for quality assurance.

Aerosols are designed for target-specific long-range deployments, with a minimal likelihood of cross-contamination. Their primary physical effect is on vision. 500,000 SHU

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