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Model: MS-80361
Mace Pepper Baton Refill

Mace Pepper Baton Refill

$ 12.95

The Pepper Mace Baton or kubotan provides low profile, yet devastatingly effective aerosol pepper spray protection against attack. Carry your Mace Pepper Baton wherever you go. When walking to or from your home, car or office, the Pepper Mace Baton conveniently carries your keys and places an effective means of personal safety in your hand. When activated, a cone shaped cloud of pepper spray solution will be discharged approximately 5 feet from the unit. Four gram unit contains 6 half second bursts. Available in five colors: pewter, black, red, blue & purple. Refills available. 2 million Scovile Heat Units.

The Pepper Mace Baton is a highly effective product that can increase your safety wherever you go. However, this kubotan is only a part of a complete plan for protecting yourself against physical attack. Being aware of your surroundings, using common sense and projecting the right attitude are also important to your well-being. If you find yourself in a situation where you feel uncomfortable, act on it. Become a safety conscious person. Have your pepper baton ready to use wherever you sense the need. There's no substitute for being prepared.

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